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Do you still want to be active as alumni?

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ERAC 2024 Connect to Impact

An annual conference of AIESEC alumni of Europe, intended to gather all AIESEC alumni in one place to celebrate AIESEC values, touch on global issues, encourage leadership & personal growth, build networks and have a great time.

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Become a member of AAS

Anybody who actively participated in the past in AIESEC in Slovakia (LC /MC /AI /Support Team), currently living anywhere in the world, or anybody who is a former member of another AIESEC entity, but is currently living in Slovakia, can enroll in AIESEC Alumni Slovakia. 

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AIESEC Alumni Slovakia

„Alumni are former students of a school, college, or university who have either attended or graduated in some fashion from the institution.“
Taking it to our context, alumni is former active member of AIESEC. AIESEC Alumni Slovakia is an association that unites alumni who see the meaning of lifelong connection, who want to still stay active and contribute in some way in any of the programs run either within Slovakia, Europe or globally.
AIESEC Alumni Slovakia is independent from AIESEC Alumni International, AIESEC Alumni Europe and AIESEC, but shares the values and possibly supports its activities and members and seeks the collaboration with these entities.


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