What we do

We bring together a network of AIESEC Alumni with lifelong commitment to live under AIESEC values contributing to achieving peace and fulfilment of humankind potential for a more unified world.

As an organization in which the fundamental priority is to enhance leadership under AIESEC values for life we look to have programs that are aligned with our values and that support one or more of our 3 pillars:

Alumni to AIESEC

In other words – Giving back. For the skills we gained, for the opportunities we’ve had, for the people we’ve met, for the relationships for life we’ve created, …
It means collaborating with AIESEC to support and enhance impact for building leaders that the world needs today.
Supporting current AIESECers with investing the time for delivering trainings, coaching / mentoring, …
Or financially, by financing members‘ fees for international conferences, internships, supporting events, projects, local / national committees for their operations, …

Alumni to Alumni

Connecting Alumni all over the world to create diverse network of people who have probably only one thing in common – share the same values.
Bringing together alumni, ranging from casual get-togethers to social gatherings with speakers, members´ conferences, business trips, company visits, cruises, global job market where talent and career opportunities come together, connecting alumni who become a trusted advisory board for each other, …

Alumni to the World

Contribute and help us transform our alumni into a powerful global network for a better world.

Empowering AIESEC alumni to make a difference by establishing their for-profit or non-for profit enterprises or initiatives that bring value. Projects that contribute to SDGs, to the local communities or globally.

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.